Land of Legends and Heroes

Loch Lomond minibus tours are a fantastic way to explore the breathtaking beauty of the largest freshwater lake in Great Britain. With our carefully crafted itineraries and experienced guides, you can embark on an unforgettable journey through the stunning landscapes and charming villages dotted along the shores of Loch Lomond. Our minibus tours provide a convenient and comfortable mode of transportation, allowing you to sit back, relax, and soak in the breathtaking views while our knowledgeable guides share fascinating stories and insights about the area’s rich history and folklore. 

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a history buff, or simply seeking a serene escape, our Loch Lomond minibus tours offer something for everyone. Book your tour with us today and get ready to immerse yourself in the wonders of this remarkable destination.

Loch Lomond Bespoke Tour

Your Journey

Join us as we spend the day exploring Loch Lomond, Stirling Castle and The Trossachs, Scotland’s true land of legends and heroes.

Your Sixstar Loch Lomond bespoke tour journey departs from Edinburgh, travelling through the West of the city your guide will share a lifetime of local insights into Scotland’s World Heritage City Centre. Very soon we pick up speed as we hit the highway and follow the valley of the River Forth, one of Scotland’s greatest rivers whose story is inextricably intertwined with our destination of Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park.

Our first stop of the day is at Helix Park, an Eco-park that straddles the Forth and Clyde canal, the country’s very first industrial super highway that links the East and West of Scotland. The horses heads known as the Kelpies tower over the site in testament to the work horses that powered our industrial revolution.

We continue our Loch Lomond Bespoke Tour journey North West, passing Stirling Castle where we will return later in the day. The landscape changes as we travel towards
the Highlands.

The flat agricultural plains give way to a mysterious mountain landscape that was once home to Highland Clans and cattle rustlers.

Very soon you catch a glimpse of Loch Lomond, one of the largest and best-known bodies of freshwater anywhere in the Uk. Poets, writers, artists and outlaws have all drawn inspiration from this unique environment and you have the opportunity to experience your own breath-taking moments as we arrive at the conservation village of Luss or “Dark Village”. There has been a settlement here before since the sixth century and today Luss is one of Loch Lomond’s most popular destinations.

From the pier you have the option to join a boat cruise that takes in many of the island’s that are scattered around the Loch. If you prefer to stay on dry land you can explore this historic village, skim stones from the beach or for the young at heart join the Woodland Faerie Trail.

Our Loch Lomond Bespoke Tour journey continues to Aberfoyle in the heart of the Trossachs, sitting on the banks of the River Forth. Aberfoyle has it’s own enchanting connection with Faeries through Reverend Robert Kirk who compiled a collection of stories of local folklore and faerie folks. After stopping for lunch, we begin the climb through the Dukes pass, a mountainous route through the heart of the Trossachs.

This track through the mountains was opened in 1885 by the Duke of Montrose to connect the roads of the estate, some of the grandest views in the whole of the Highlands are waiting for you around every corner. From here we will continue to Stirling Castle, Scotland’s ancient Royal Palace and military stronghold. Sitting on top of a volcanic crag in the Forth valley. Stirling Castle has witnessed battles for the survival of Scotland, royal births, dark deeds and its own feathered birdman.

Immerse yourself in centuries of history as you wander through the Great Hall and Royal Palace. See for yourself the mighty defences that made
Stirling Castle such a formidable and prized fortress that continues to captivate visitors to this day.

After this full day out in the magical landscapes of Loch Lomond, the Trossachs and Stirling, we return to Edinburgh in the Early evening.

Arrive back at your drop off point approx 6.30PM


Our Loch Lomond tour is a fantastic way to get an up-close look at Scotland’s natural beauty. Tour participants will be taken on an exciting minibus tour, allowing them to experience Loch Lomond’s serene beauty. Along the way, visitors can admire picturesque scenery featuring small islands and rocky cliffs that make for some great photo opportunities!

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Loch Lomond is a beautiful and serene area located in Central Scotland, near the city of Stirling. It consists of several large lochs surrounded by majestic mountains and lush green valleys. Tourists travelling to this region are spoilt for choice when it comes to attractions and activities. From hiking to boating, there are many great experiences that can be had while exploring Loch Lomond.

One of the best ways to explore the area is by taking our Loch Lomond minibus tours. These tours provide visitors with an opportunity to experience some of the most spectacular views that Loch Lomond has to offer. Whether you’re looking for something active or a more relaxed approach, there’s sure to be a tour that suits your needs.

Explore the beauty of Scotland’s largest loch with our Loch Lomond Bespoke Tour. Experience breathtaking scenery, fascinating wildlife, and unique local culture on this unforgettable journey prepared to you by the premier bespoke tour company in Scotland. Give us a call today!

Places we visit

Loch Lomond Coach Tour
Helix Park – Kelpies
Kelpies stand at 30 metres tall . They are the largest equine sculpture in the world. They are named Duke and Baron as they are modelled on two Clydesdale draft horses by sculptor Andy Scott. They were completed in 2013 and opened to the public in 2014, they also have their own visitor centre.

Each night when darkness appears and the sun goes down the Kelpies light up in all different colours. You will learn of the eerie tale about
Kelpies the shapeshifters from your guide.

Loch Lomond Coach Tour
Loch Lomond
The glorious Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park. Loved by Queen Victoria and immortalized in writing by Sir Walter Scott.

The national park landscape is known as the Highlands in miniature and was the first area of the Highlands to open up to intrepid 19th Century visitors. These early Travellers endured much discomfort as they were hauled along unpaved tracks on an open pony and trap. Today the track might have been upgraded but the rugged scenic grandeur that takes your breath away remains!

You can follow in the footsteps of wanderers, clans folks and ancient armies.

village of luss from Loch Lomond Coach Tour
Luss (The Dark Village)
The stunning picturesque Village of Luss is within Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park and has a population of approximately 450 people. At times the village of Luss was called the “Dark Village” as it lay in the shadow of the surrounding hills. It has an array of beautiful quaint cottages adorned with Vibrant flowers pots and hanging baskets and are photographed by visitors from all over the world. You can wander through the village where you will find small gift shops and tea-rooms.

To the South of the village is Luss Church built in 1875 and steeped in history.

It is a beautiful little church with a fascinating graveyard and the church interior is definitely worth exploring, in fact each year more than 100 couples from around the world get married here. You also have the stunning beach where you can take relax or take a cruise and see many of the Island’s that are around the Loch.

Luss beach is a key attraction for visitors and although it can be busy in the peak times it has a very relaxed feel to it, with stunning views across to Ben Lomond, Scotland’s most Southerly Munro, or individual mountain over 3,000 feet high.
You can take a paddle in the clear water, skim stones or sit back, relax and take it all in, you also have the option to join a 90 minute cruise and explore the other island’s along the loch.

Stirling Castle
For more than 700 years mighty Stirling Castle has stood at the crossroads between the distinctive and unique Highland culture and identify as Scotalnd’s mountainous north and the industrious agricultural Lowlands of the country. Often described as the Broach that clasps these two cultures together, Stirling Castle is truly the gatekeeper of Central Scotland.

This is the land of Rob Roy McGregor, the Highland Chieftain who fought with the Jacobites in support of Bonnie Prince Charlie centuries before, the flood plains of the Forth Valley witnessed Scottish and English armies battling it out sword on sword in some of Scotland’s most ferocious and nation defining battles.

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